Learning Difficulties Australia


Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties, Volume 15, Number 2, November 2010



Skill generalisation in teaching spelling to children with learning difficulties (pages 115-129)
Saskia Kohnen, Lyndsey Nickels, and Max Coltheart

Attendance, performance and the acquisition of early literacy skills: A comparison of Indigenous and non-Indigenous school children (pages 131-149)
John Ehrich, Jennifer R. Woglemuth, Janet Helmer, Georges Oteng, Tess Lea, Claire Bartlett, Heather Smith, and Sue Emmett

Teachers’ checklist on reading-related behavioral characteristics of Chinese primary students: A Rasch measurement model analysis (pages 151-170)
David W. Chan, Connie Suk-han Ho, Kevin K. H. Chung, Suk-man Tsang, and Suk-han Lee

Components of effective early reading interventions for young struggling readers (pages 171-192)
Meree Reynolds, Kevin Wheldall, and Alison Madelaine

Investigating the effects of a game-based approach in teaching word recognition and spelling to students with reading disabilities and attention deficits (pages 193-211)
Anna Garito Cassar and Eunice Eunhee Jang

Dyslexia in Chinese language: An overview of research and practice (pages 213-224)
Kevin K. H. Chung and Connie S.-H. Ho

Book Reviews

Vygotsky and Research (pages 225-226)
Reviewed by Sivanes Phillipson

Diagnosing learning disorders: A neuropsychological framework (pages 226-228)
Reviewed by Amanda Richdale

Adolescents and adults with learning disabilities and ADHD: Assessment and accommodation (pages 228-229)
Reviewed by Ken Glasgow

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