Learning Difficulties Australia


Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties: Volume 14, Issue 1, 2009

Special Issue on the Assessment for Effective Literacy Instruction with Low-Progress Students

Editorial: Assessment for effective literacy instruction with low-progress readers
Kevin Wheldall; Alison Madelaine

Arguing the case for a simple view of literacy assessment
Peter Westwood

Research-driven reading assessment: Drilling to the core
Kerry Hempenstall

Assessment of phonological awareness in low-progress readers
Roslyn Neilson

Assessing the basic components of reading: A revision of the Castles and Coltheart test with new norms
Anne Castles; Max Coltheart; Linda Larsen; Pip Jones; Steve Saunders; Genevieve McArthur

Building the WARL: The development of the Wheldall Assessment of Reading Lists, a curriculum-based measure designed to identify young struggling readers and monitor their progress
Meree Reynolds; Kevin Wheldall; Alison Madelaine

Assessing spelling skills and strategies: A critique of available resources
Saskia Kohnen; Lyndsey Nickels; Anne Castles

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