Learning Difficulties Australia


Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties: Volume 15,  Issue 1  May 2010

Reducing the effects of auditory and visual distraction on the math performances of students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Suneeta Kercood and Janice A. Groskovic
Pages 1-11

Strategy acquisition by children with general learning difficulties through metacognitive training
Mélanie S. Bosson, Marco G. P. Hessels, Christine Hessels-Schlatter, Jean-Louis Berger, Nadine M. Kipfer, and Fredi P. BSchel
Pages 13-34

In search of a simple assessment instrument for identifying dyslexia in university students
Kate Chanock, David Farchione, Wendy Paulusz, Sally Freeman, and Livia Lo Giudice
Pages 35-49

Literacy skills of children born preterm
Alison Holm and Sharon Crosbie
Pages 51-69

Learning with dyslexia in secondary school in New Zealand: What can we learn from students’ past experiences?
Linda Rowan
Pages 71-79

Issues in the identification and ongoing assessment of ESL students with reading difficulties for reading intervention
Gary Woolley
Pages 81-98

Australian pre-service teachers’ knowledge of phonemic awareness and phonics in the process of learning to read
Ruth Fielding-Barnsley
Pages 99-110

Book Reviews

Tilly Mortimore and Jane Dupree, Dyslexia-friendly practice in the secondary classroom
Reviewed by Genevieve M. McArthur
Pages 111-112

Evie K. Gleckel and Ellen S. Koretz, Collaborative individualized education process: RSVP to IDEA
Reviewed by Phil Foreman
Pages 112-113

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