Learning Difficulties Australia


LDA Bulletin Volume 37, No 2, August 2005

  •     Interview with Dr Reid Lyon – Part 2: Norman Swan
  •     Submission from Learning Difficulties Australia to the Inquiry into the Teaching of Reading: Sylvia Byers and Kevin Wheldall
  •     The Nelson enquiry – Will it be sound and fury signifying nothing?: Tom Nicholson
  •     Letter to the Editors: Jean Bolton
  •     ACER Learning Difficulties Project: Kerrie-Anne Hoad
  •     Identifying reading problems with computer-adaptive assessments: Christine Merrell and Peter Tymms
  •     Is learning to read like learning to talk... or like learning to play the piano?: Kevin Wheldall
  •     Review – Reflections on Dyslexia: Kevin Wheldall
  •     Review – Still wild about Harry?: Kevin Wheldall
  •     Consultants' Corner: Rosemary Carter
  •     Report from Victorian Referral Officer: Elaine McLeish
  •     Report from Queensland Referral Officer: Jan Heffernan
  •     Conferences, seminars and workshops
  •     LDA Council members


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