Learning Difficulties Australia


LDA Bulletin Vol 37, No 3, October 2005

  •     Thoughts on grammar: Kevin Wheldall
  •     Why phonics is not an F word: Anne Castles
  •     The debate about how children learn to read: Margot Prior
  •     Learning Difficulties Australia – the history: Jo Jenkinson
  •     Enquiring into the teaching of reading – the UK experience: Morag Stuart
  •     Basic math problems – the brutal reality!: Rhonda Farkota
  •     Literacy for all is a noble goal – the hurdle of teacher mistraining: Kerry Hempenstall
  •     Why wait til children fail? Early screening for children at risk for reading problems: Steve Heath
  •     Consultants' Corner: Rosemary Carter
  •     Report from Victorian Referral Officer: Elaine McLeish
  •     Conferences, seminars and workshops
  •     LDA Council members
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