Learning Difficulties Australia


LDA Bulletin, Volume 39, No 4, December 2007


  •     NZ Ministry of Education makes a commitment to dyslexia: Tom Nicholson
  •     Which students are at risk of experiencing ongoing reading difficulties?: Hugh McCusker
  •     To repeat or not to repeat – That is the question: Craig Wright
  •     Increasing academic output in students with ADHD: Craig Wright
  •     President's Report to LDA AGM
  •     New LDA Council Members 2007/08
  •     Who's for coffee: Kevin Wheldall
  •     LDA in South Australia
  •     Brisbane Joint Conference, September 2007
  •     New LDA DVD released
  •     LDA August Seminar: Abstracts of papers
  •     VCE Victoria English Year 2008: Evelyn McGuire
  •     Consultants' Corner: Rosemary Carter
  •     Referral Officer Report
  •     News of Members
  •     LDA Council Members


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