Learning Difficulties Australia


 LDA Bulletin, Volume 40, No 2, June 2008


  •     Bring on the reading revolution: Janet Albrechtsen
  •     The 2020 Summit – was it all worth it?: Jennifer Buckingham
  •     Reading and the national curriculum: Margaret Cameron
  •     Do children learn how to read by being read to?: Molly de Lemos
  •     Can't read, can't write: Jo Rogers
  •     A whole new language: Nick Maley
  •     Let's define 'learning disabilities' at last: Dr Nola Firth
  •     Reading difficulties or dyslexia, learning difficulties or learning disabilities: Molly de Lemos
  •     LDA Seminar
  •     LDA AGM
  •     Education in the News
  •     Book Review
  •     Website Review
  •     Consultants' Corner: Rosemary Carter
  •     LDA Notices
  •     LDA Council Members


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