Learning Difficulties Australia


LDA Bulletin Volume 42, No 1, March 2010


  •     Council Members
  •     LDA Notices
  •     LDA 2009 Award Presentations
  •     Profile of Professor Lyndsey Nickels
  •     LDA Awards 2010
  •     Helping people with dyslexia: a national action agenda
  •     Consult and Collaborate: A report on the Joint LDA/SPELD/RSTAQ Conference held in Brisbane in September 2009
  •     A Position of Equity: Pwe Twaddell, PHD
  •     Predicting generalisation in irregular word spelling: A single case study
  •     Hard data to support the effectiveness of QuickSmart Numeracy
  •     Nine years of early intervention research: The effectiveness of HIPPY in Australia
  •     Magic Glasses: Kevin Wheldall
  •     Introducing a new online testing facility: The Macquarie Online Test Interface (MOTIf)
  •     Book review
  •     Consultants' Corner
  •     Victorian Referral Officer's Report
  •     Membership form


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