Learning Difficulties Australia


LDA Bulletin, Volume 44, Nos 1 and 2, November 2012

  • From the President
  • From the New Editors
  • Meet your LDA Council for 2012/2013
  • LDA Awards for 2012
  • LDA 2012 AGM: Alison McMurtrie
  • Treasurer's Report: Pye Twaddell
  • An Introduction to Linda Siegel: Kevin Wheldall
  • Professor Linda Siegel's visit to Adelaide: Anne Bayetto
  • Linda Siegel in Queensland: Nicole Todd
  • Nasty NAPLAN results: Anne Castles
  • Latest NAPLAN results – No change: Kevin Wheldall
  • Is it disadvantageous for children to learn to read using a phonics approach?: Rhona S. Johnston
  • Why the renewed interest in Jolly Phonics?: Jan Polkinghorne
  • Literacy gaps and socio-economic status: Jennifer Buckingham
  • Using Letters and Sounds in Australian Schools: Anne Charles, Berys Dixon, Molly de Lemos, Maureen Pollard and Cheryl Dobbs
  • The times they are a-changin'... but some things stay the same: Anne Castles
  • An evaluation of a Tier Two small group 'MiniLit' intervention for young struggling readers: Jennifer Buckingham, Kevin Wheldall and Robyn Wheldall
  • Excellent brain food! An unsolicited book review: Peter Westwood
  • As easy as I K E A...?: Kevin Wheldall
  • The Arrowsmith Program: Linda Siegel
  • Fonetik Spelling: Peter Westwood
  • Program Review – Phonics Alive! 2 The Sound Blender: Fay Tran
  • Report from the Consultants Committee: Sue de Araugo and Molly de Lemos
  • Report from Victorian Referral Officer: Elaine McLeish


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