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WWW 2021060 Dr Nathaniel Swain

“Shifting the conversation about the Science of Learning: Thinking differently, thinking forward”

The sciences of reading and learning are rapidly gaining traction in schools. Despite this, an age-old distrust for instruction that is “too direct” or “too teacher-centred” is also gaining prominence in education circles. Academics and consultants who benefit from the status quo (e.g. balanced literacy and constructivism) are increasingly vocal about their concerns what they term so-called “science”. Join Nathaniel to discuss how we can shake off the myth that the science of learning is just for students with learning difficulties, and “rebrand” this powerful, and ever-evolving, set of practices as a tool to enact equitable education for all.

Dr Nathaniel Swain

Dr Nathaniel Swain is researcher, speech-language pathologist, and instructional coach. His mission is for all students to develop life-changing language and literacy skills, through effective and engaging teaching. To this end, Nathaniel has founded a national community of educators who see “literacy for all” as a means to social equity: Think Forward Educators. Nathaniel is passionate about education, communication and social justice.


High Impact Strategies for Supporting Secondary Students.

A huge thank you to our hosts and speaker at Sunday's "High Impact Strategies for Supporting Secondary Students with Learning Difficulties" conference. Renae Watkins, Melanie Henry, Ben Saulsman, Dr Sharonne Telfer, Jennifer Buckingham and Troy Verey, we appreciate your efforts in making the day a success. Your presentations were informative and interesting and left people with take home strategies to implement.

And of course, we thank our sponsor 24/7 Training who provided the technical platform for the event. We are so lucky to have such great people and companies supporting LDA.

For those of you who registered, but missed the live session, you will have received an email in your inbox advising how you can access the recording. If not, please contact us on enquiries@ldaustralia.org and we will be happy to assist you. 

 Other Professional Learning 

This section provides a listing of non-LDA  professional learning opportunities of relevance to the area of learning difficulties. All external events are publicised at LDA's discretion, but LDA accepts no responsibility for their value or the evidence base of what may be promoted.

Online Learning

A Free Online CourseSupporting Children with Difficulties in Reading and Writing Click here for details.

A new online course in teaching systematic synthetic phonics & its integration with wider reading, spelling and writing. Click here for details.

SPELD PD events

See individual state SPELD websites for information regarding relevant PD in the area of learning difficulties in each state. For State SPELD contact details go to http://auspeld.org.au/state-associations

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Past Professional Learning

The Center for Effective Reading Instruction and the International Dyslexia Association have developed a self-paced online course on reading instruction, with nine pre and post tested modules to teach the critical skills for proficient reading, writing and assessment, and best practices that support students’ acquisition of these skills. This free online course, and option to attain certification, is offered on the Reading Rockets 101 website

August 2019 – Dr David Kilpatrick National Tour

Recent Advances in Understanding Word-Level Reading Problems: Assessment and Highly Effective Intervention
David presented full-day sessions in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Cairns and Sydney, focusing on how children learn to read words and why some struggle. Understanding word level reading development and its problems will guide both assessment and intervention. Once we understand how reading works and why some children struggle, the reasons why some commonly used intervention approaches provide limited benefits while others can yield very large gains for such students becomes clear, and then the focus is on establishing the best instructional and intervention practices.

LDA members can access the David Kilpatrick session notes under Resources by logging into the Members Only Section of the website.

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