Learning Difficulties Australia


 Volume 48, No 3, Spring 2016

Bulletin Spring 2016

- From the President
- Raising Dyslexia Awareness in Australia - Jen Cross & Tanya Forbes
- LDA Annual General Meeting & Awards Presentation
- In conversation with Maryanne Wolf - Wendy Moore
- Book review: Tales of literacy for the 21st century, reviewed by Peter Westwood
- Dyslexia and the Brain
- Cover story: Dyslexia exits. Readily-available, evidence-based help for students with reading difficulties does not - Bartek Rajkoski
- Do Dyslexics need Dyslexie? Kevin Wheldall and Eva Marinus
- Reporting from the Battlelines - Dr Roslyn Neilson
- What happened to the 'D' word? - Berys Dixon
- News from New Zealand: The gap that schools cannot close - Tom Nicholson
- Consultants Corner - Jan Roberts



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