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Professional Learning Events 2015

Mathematics Workshop - Dr Paul Swan

The Consultant’s Committee of LDA invited all members to attend a Mathematics Workshop with award winning author and presenter, Dr Paul Swan.


Dr Paul Swan is an award winning author, acclaimed speaker and workshop presenter and developer of games and materials to support students to learn mathematics. He is an Honorary Life member of the Mathematical Association of WA and an Honorary Fellow of the Australian College of Educational Leaders (ACEL). He was awarded his PhD for his work identifying the Computational Choices of Upper primary and lower secondary students.

Session Title: Typical Mathematics Learning Difficulties and what we might do about them.

In this session Paul will explored some common difficulties associated with number, especially basic number facts and fractions along with the language related issues that impact on students’ understanding of mathematics. The session involved hands on practical ideas for supporting students in mathematics.


September 18 and 19, 2015 Brisbane – INSTRUCT TO IMPROVE

Creating better practice in the classroom

Combined Conference LDA, LSTAQ, SPELD Qld

Friday September18th and Saturday September 19th 2015

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Keynote speakers:Professor Anne Castles – Head of Cognitive Science, Macquarie University -Identifying, understanding and treating reading disabilities

Jackie French – Australia’s Children’s Laureate, author, once struggling reader -Is it time to ditch ‘dyslexia’?

March 2015 – LDA National Tour with Dr Louisa Moats

Dr Louisa Moats, recipient of LDA’s AJLD Eminent Researcher Award, visited Australia in March 2015. Dr Moats has contributed widely to the body of reading and spelling instruction knowledge, and written extensively on the importance of code-based literacy instruction and better teacher preparation.

Click here to read Lousia Moats article Systematic, not "balanced" instruction in the October 2014 LDA Bulletin.

Click here for Louisa Moats significant paper Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science and more Louisa Moats Resources.


August 2015 – Visit of Professor Julian Elliott

Professor Julian Elliot, Principal of Collingwood College in the School of Education and Professor of Educational Psychology at Durham University in the UK, is joint author, with Elena Grigorenko, of The Dyslexia Debate, 2014. Initially he taught in mainstream and special schools, practiced as a LEA educational psychologist and in educational clinical work, and joined Durham University in 2004. He is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. His research and teaching interests include dyslexia, achievement motivation, working memory difficulties, SEN, behaviour management, cognitive education, and psychological assessment, and involves ongoing collaborations with partners in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia.

Professor Elliot visited Australia in August on his way to New Zealand to present a Keynote address at the NZ Psychology Society’s Annual Conference at the end of August. Whilst in Australia he presented a series of Seminars and lectures in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, focusing on the issues raised in The Dyslexia Debate. The purpose of the presentations in Australia was to clarify the key arguments in this debate, and to consider the relevance of this debate to the way in which students with reading difficulties are identified and supported in the Australian context.

For an overview of the arguments and the debate about the use of the term dyslexia, see the articles by Julian Elliott on Some Key Myths and on More heat than Light? (Learning Difficulties Australia Bulletin. vol. 46 May 2014), as well as the articles by Kevin Wheldall, Anne Castles and Mandy Nayton, and by Alison Clarke (Learning Difficulties Australia Bulletin. vol. 46 May 2014).

To read Children's Laureate and respected author Jackie French’s article in the Canberra Times on the topic Let’s Ditch Dyslexia, click here

Click here for relevant Dyslexia Debate research and resources, and to hear Professor Elliott speak.


Understanding Learning Difficulties with Mandy Nayton (Workshop Melbourne)

This Workshop was presented by ACER in conjunction with LDA and AUSPELD. The workshop reviewed the AUSPELD Practical Guide Understanding Learning Difficulties and explored effective ways to make use of it. Successful strategies for assisting students with developmental learning disorders, such as dyslexia, were also identified.



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