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The LDA Online Tutor Search (OTS) will help you find specialist teachers with qualifications and skills in teaching students with specific learning difficulties including:

Struggling Learners  -  maths, reading, writing, spelling 

Dyslexia       Dysgraphia      Dyscalculia      ASD       ADHD


LDA Specialist Teacher Consultants are:

  • Registered teachers who have post-graduate university qualifications with a significant Learning Difficulties component
  • Required to demonstrate high standards of ongoing professional development to maintain LDA Consultant registration
  • Experienced in teaching students with diverse needs at all levels
  • Specialists in literacy, maths, study skills
  • Specialist teachers for students with specific learning difficulties: Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ASD, ADHD
  • Advocates and users of empirical, evidence-based teaching methods
  • Independent providers i.e. Endorsed by LDA but not employed by LDA
  • Fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.


LDA Specialist Teacher Consultants provide:

  • Expert teaching for students with Specific Learning Disorders (including dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia), low progress learners, underachievers, and other students at risk of not meeting their potential
  • For all ages- children, adolescents, and adults
  • Educational assessments to evaluate needs
  • Individualised programs
  • One-on-one tuition
  • Program development consultancy with school and parents
  • Tutoring across a range of venues which vary according to each consultant’s individual practice, eg.  private office, student’s school or home, public place (eg. library), or via online video conferencing.       


Using OTS (Online Tutor Search) to find a tutor, who is a specialist teacher consultant, by:

  • Year level
  • Area/s of need
  • Geographic location
  • Online Video tutoring


Find an LDA Specialist Teacher / Tutor  Online Tutor Search


Select tutors by clicking on their name to see their individual Tutor Profiles. You can Go Back to the list to select other Tutors.

  1. To choose a Tutor, click on Contact.
  2. The next screen asks for your name, contact details and enquiry. Complete this plus another Captcha security code.
  3. Then click on Send Contact Inquiry.

Click Here to access the LDA Online Tutor Search and find a Consultant Tutor in your area.

For further information or queries about the Online Tutor Search, Contact Us

Phone: 1300756206   Email: enquiries@ldaustralia.org

Complaints: Email - consultant.convenor@ldaustralia.org


1. How much does the tuition cost?

Our Consultant teachers operate their own private practice and set their own fees for teaching sessions which generally range from about $60 to $120 per hour. Usually weekly sessions are offered, mostly for one hour but this can vary depending on circumstances. Sometimes it may be deemed appropriate to provide three half-hourly sessions per week.

2. Is there any discount for pensioners or low-income families?

No, but families are advised to contact Centrelink to check their eligibility for the non-means tested Carer Allowance. Some Consultants are registered as NDIS providers.

3. Does my child require an assessment before she/he can be referred to an LDA teacher?

No, but any assessments that have been done will provide useful information for our Consultant teachers. Some additional assessment may be done by the Consultant teacher before the commencement of tuition. LDA Consultant teachers will also recommend referrals to other professionals for assessment when appropriate.

4. Will the teacher come to our home or my child’s school?

Most of our Consultants work from their own premises but some do travel to families or are available to visit schools during the day by arrangement with the school.

5. How do I know the Consultant will be suitable for my child?

To be accepted by LDA, Consultant teachers are required to provide their qualifications, and regular evidence of Police Checks. To retain membership, they are also required to provide annual details of Professional Development in the field of learning difficulties. It is suggested that a meeting takes place between the child, parent and Consultant teacher before the teaching sessions commence.

6. Will the Consultant communicate with my child’s school?

Yes. LDA Consultants will ask your permission to communicate with the school and any other relevant professionals. However, if this is not wanted by the parents, it will not be done. 

7. Are there LDA Consultants available Australia wide?

While most Consultants are in the Melbourne area, we have a growing number across Australia, in regional areas and in other towns and cities.

Online video tutoring is available (ZOOM, Skype or other) and can be accessed by selecting this option on the Tutor Search page.

8.  What is ‘Online Video Conferencing’?

This delivery mode is available to cater for students who for various reasons, such as distance, health or family circumstances, are unable to meet face to face with a tutor. Consultants who provide a video conferencing service offer the usual tutoring session, but it is delivered via the internet using commonly used video conferencing programs. The program will be the same as that offered in a face to face session, and is supported by file sharing, shared digital whiteboards and real time chat.

9. How long will my child need to have tutoring?

This varies according to individual needs. Your LDA Consultant teacher will be better placed to answer this question after an assessment and the commencement of tuition. It must be noted that some children might need intermittent support throughout their education.

10. Will I have to pay if we miss a session?

Our Consultant teachers will provide you with printed information about fees, including their policy for absence and late notification of absence and methods of payment. Parents may request make up lessons at a mutually agreed time.

11. Do you have VCE teachers?

We have a few Consultant teachers who offer tuition in English up to Year 12 but very few VCE Maths teachers.


All LDA consultant tutors are required to have a Working with Children clearance, and are bound by LDA Guidelines and Ethics. 

Click here to see the LDA Guidelines.

Click here to see the LDA OTS Ethics






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