Learning Difficulties Australia


Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties Volume 16, Issue 2, 2011



Using education assistants to help pave the road to literacy: Supporting oral language, letter-sound knowledge and phonemic awareness in the pre-primary year (pages 85-110)

Wendy Moore & Lorraine Hammond

The relationship between speech impairment, phonological awareness and early literacy development (pages 111-125)

Judy Harris, Nicola Botting, Lucy Myers & Barbara Dodd

Early identification of young struggling readers: Preliminary benchmarks for intervention for students in years one and two in schools in New South Wales (pages 127-143)

Meree Reynolds, Kevin Wheldall & Alison Madelaine

Recognising language impairment in secondary school student populations (pages 145-158)

Julia Starling, Natalie Munro, Leanne Togher & Joanne Arciuli

A contemporary review of the definition, prevalence, identification and support of learning disabilities in Australian schools (pages 159-180)

Jason L. Skues & Everarda G. Cunningham


Living with dyslexia (pages 181-185)

Genevieve M. McArthur

Addressing the unproductive classroom behaviours of students with special needs (pages 182-183)

Debora Morita Kagohara

Promoting executive function in the classroom (pages 183-185)

Selda Ozdemir







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